1. The tour was very informative. It helped increase the cultural awareness of the students on Arabic culture and the UAE culture. The students enjoyed themselves and participated actively

  2. Virtual field trips provide opportunities for teachers and students to make personalized connections with the curriculum through an online learning environment.
    It was a splendid trip, almost like the real thing! I was as fascinated, and, excited as the students were. Here’s to hoping to make an actual trip soon!

  3. It was very informative and interesting. I was able to learn a lot of new things that were both fun and interesting. Though it was done virtually, I was able to learn which I think is a great achievement.

  4. It was an interesting and interactive session. Loved learning about the Islamic and Arab cultures. Thanks for the wonderful session.

  5. It was a very informative class. It made me understand about the Al Noor Mosque, the different kinds of Islamic architecture and the traditions of United Arab Emirates. Looking forward for more such informative classes.

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