Al Noor Mosque Visit:

Al Noor Mosque is the first mosque in Sharjah to open it’s doors to Non-Muslims residents and tourists. The mosque visit includes a brief on the architecture of the mosque, the 5 pillars of Islam and an explanation on the UAE culture in English, which will provide an opportunity for guest to have an open question and answer session. The mosque visit program is free.


Al Noor Mosque Visit Timings:

 Public Visit: Monday and Thursday at (10 AM -11 AM).

Private Visit: Sunday-Thursday (upon request) by:


Al Noor mosque visit is close on government holidays and weekends (Fridays and Saturdays).

Al Noor Mosque Visit Rules & Regulations:  

    • The mosque visit program is free.
    • Registration is required prior to entering the mosque at the registration area.
    • Dress code for the mosque

       1.Clothing should be modest and conservative.

       2.Women are required to cover their hair with a head Scarves (coverings are provided at the mosque registration area, and must be returned after the tour).

  • Shoes must be removed prior to entering the Mosque.
  • Tour guides and tour companies must not enter the Mosque unless accompanied by a registered guide from Sharjah Centre for Cultural Communication.
  • Photographs and cameras are permitted during the Mosque visit.